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"Voted by the kids as the best fun party ever"....Wendy



Guaranteed Active Fun for Birthday Boys and Girls aged 5-12

Crazy Party specialises in keeping Brisbane's birthday party kids aged 5-12 happy with active fun.

Never heard of us before. Not sure what to expect! Click here and you'll find 139 unsolicited testimonials from parents once with the same predicament.

We offer 6 different party options. Our party activities are always age appropriate. For example our Crazy Games Party activities for 5yo's are kept silly n simple while 6-7yo's games aren't so easy. As for 8-12yo's - we know they'll never tolerate "kiddy games rubbish" so we make sure they only do "bring it on" type games.

Our activities are suitable for a boys party; a girls party or a mixed one where you need to invite the class

A boys party will also differ from a girls party. Girls don't care who wins as long as it's fun. Boys are very much the opposite!

Our parties are GUARANTEED FUN. If we're a dud your party is FREE

Because we run the fun you can relax and enjoy the party with your family, friends and guests

As we only run children's birthday parties you're assured of one the kids rate "the best party ever".

So, whether you've invited a few children or the whole class we'll keep them busy having tons of fun 

When asked what your favourite part was? The kids yelled "All of it!"....Susan

"It was the talk of the class.Two weeks later it is still a hot topic"....Ann

How much does it cost? Click here for our FAQ page which has that answer plus more.

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"The kids were kept busy and laughing the whole time"....Sherree

"We've never seen 9 and 10 year old girls laugh so hard and so much....Carolyn"

 Here are our 6 current Crazy Party options. Please click on the party that interests you for more information.

Crazy Games Party : Traditional and wacky games galore for a boys "n" girls mixed party. This party is for ages 5-12 but is especially ideal for ages 5-7 where you have invited the whole class

Sports Action Party : For those who love to throw, kick or hit balls. Boys go nuts over this party and thrive on the non stop action of Poison Ball, Dodge Ball, Footy, Soccer, Big Balls, Vortexes & Speed testing

Monster Ball Party : Big time fun for 8-12 year olds with lots of BIG BIG balls.

Crazy Chook Party : A hilariously funny party with lots of silliness and laughter loved by girls who just want to have fun be they 5 or 12yo's! This is also perfect fun for 5 & 6yo mixed parties where the class is invited

Soccer Action Party : Its great balls of fun for soccer crazed kids who'll think they're in heaven. To keep them sane some other sporty games can be included if you wish

Sports Team Party : A special treat party to reward the players for their season's efforts. The activities can focus solely on their sport or we can mix it up

To enquire or to book a party click here or call John on 0418 151 874

"The best and easiest birthday party I have ever held"...Mary

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"Never been to a party where the kids looked this happy before"....Cindy

We're available for parties across Greater Brisbane on weekends; after school and most school holidays

This includes bayside areas Redcliffe to Redland Bay; the Ipswich area, north to North Lakes, south west to Greenbank and south to Beenleigh.

Sometimes we travel a bit further for an extra fee but also depends on the location of our other bookings.

After school parties held on Tuesday, Wednesday ot Thursday are 10% cheaper

Most of our parties are held in parks as the more space the kids have the more fun it is

Backyard parties are fine for girls but NEVER boys unless you are on acreage. Boys need tons of room like a park or sports field.

We can also run activities in suitable indoor venues like a school, sports, scout, community or PCYC hall/centre

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