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When asked what was your favourite part, they yelled - All of it!....Susan
A Sports Action Party for 9 year olds is jam packed with challenging sports action and wacky activities.

9 year olds want us to bring it on and demand activities that will test their abilities

We will not let them down and guarantee there will be absolutely NO kiddie games.

This party is also GUARANTEED FUN. If it is a dud....their party is FREE

Activities were perfect for this age...exceeded my expectations....Karyn

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Activities include:

SPORTS ACTION -  with 100 vortex's, dodgeball, slogball, throwing and kicking.

SPEED FREAK FUN - a sports speed gun will test how fast they throw, kick and run.  

MONSTERBALL MADNESS - It's big time fun with our 100cm giant soccer ball. Activities can easily use up half a party with Poison Ball, Bounce Ball and if they obey our safety rules, a brief modified soccer match.

Coming soon - for an extra fee we will increase the fun with either a 150cm, 180cm or 240cm MonsterBall 

Though this party looks light on for activities there are actually well over 2 hours worth. They will run out of energy long before we ever run out of avtivities!

How much is it? We offer 40, 70 or 90 minute parties. The cost and details about each are on the top of our FAQ page. Please click here for that page which will also answer almost every other question you have.



 While we run the activities all you need to do is top them up occasionally with food and drink. 

As boys are competitive and most girls just want to have fun we have a different party format for each

9 year olds definitely need a big park or a sports field for this party

Unless you are on acreage we find a backyard will never contain the balls or stop them causing damage

For advice on an indoor venue see "Plan B" on our FAQ page (near the very bottom) 

         Ready to book some Sports Party Action?

     Call John now on 0418 151 874

   or complete an enquiry form and he'll get back to you quicksmart


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