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Thank you for an absolutely brilliant party....Jenny
A Sports Action Party for 6 year olds is really more about having uncomplicated FUN than action

Activities are non competitive, non contact, easy to do and most importantly enjoyable

Though we can not stop some 6 year olds from being competitive we do not encourage it

Not only do we keep them happy with age appropriate games but also highly entertained.

This party fun is GUARANTEED FUN. If it is a dud.....their party is FREE

A huge hit for all the kids....Jane

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Activities include the following however they will run out of energy long before we get through them all

  • Monsterball fun - first they meet our "little monster" 65cm soccer ball which they will catch and kick. They think that ball is huge until we bring out our "big monster" 100cm soccer ball. This causes a period of monsterball madness where the children get highly excited. Some will not even be able to see over it! When they settle we have then try to catch and kick this much bigger ball. Then the real silliness starts with it being bounced off their belly - lying down and standing; then off their butt!! - they love it
  • Running Fun - running, skipping, hopping or bouncing "races" to get them warmed up
  • Tennis ball tossing - simple fun with throwing the ball as far as possible - long and high
  • Mini Soccer Ball fun - easy to do kicking and catching games
  • Chicken Sports - some chook excercises followed by a variety of silly "races" with mini rainbow chooks
  • 100 Pocket Rocket mayhem - this has them sqealing with excitement and running for cover followed by wacky fun where the birthday child is covered with all 100 rockets to make a rocketship bed - great photo
  • Thong Tossing - traditional Australia Day "sport" fun but with a bit of silliness added
  • Rocket launcher action - silly fun "blowing up" a soccer ball. Only suits parties with 12 or less children
  • new games as we create them

If you'd like us to include traditional favourites like egg n spoon races; jumping sack races and parachute fun please simply ask and we'll make sure we bring those games too.

How much is it? We offer 40 or 70 parties for 6 year olds. The cost and details about each are on the top of our FAQ page. Please click here for that page which will also answer almost every other question you have.


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We come to you and run the games while all you need do is keep them refreshed ocassionally.

Apart from that you can sit back, relax and enjoy watching the activities with your family and friends

6 year olds need a local park or sports field for this party as they will want to throw, kick and hit balls as far as possible.

Unless you are on acreage we find a backyard will never contain balls or stop them causing damage

For advice on an indoor venue see "Plan B" on our FAQ page (near the very bottom)

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